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August 12, 2013
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Reference of Cell (pt.1) [Edit] by CellAce Reference of Cell (pt.1) [Edit] by CellAce
Name: Cell 'Ace'
Age: Unknown
Race: Kitsune
Relationship: Given
Abilities: Unknown
Weapons: Two-handed sword (used like a one-handed sword)
Weakness: Unknown

Background: Most of the data of him was destroyed. There are no known background info about him.

There are very important things about Cell I note once more/only here:

:bulletred: Appearence :bulletred:

.) Cell has two gigantic fluffy tails, described as being 2 1/2 of his size in total. Drawing them in full size isn't necessary.
.) The kitsune has a symbol tattooed on his back, a symbol from ancient time. It's always there, and shines when he is in his super form (along with a huge pair of angel wings, which share the same color as the tatoo: White)
.) The berret on his head, more speaking of the emoticons on his berret, are brown emoticons which change their expression slightly, but still remain a mean and a happy emoticon.
.) His red coat and his grey pants are most memorable along with the hair, but he does NOT wear shoes!
.) He is taller then Sonic
.) His eyes sometimes lack of a pupil. They will ALWAYS lack in his Super Mode and his eyes are always shining, meaning they will even be visible in the darkest night.
.) His shadow sometimes changes shape

:bulletorange: Personality :bulletorange:

.) He has a cheeky and sassy personality most of the time, and always when he is in a good mood.
.) Cell's a pervert and will use many opportunities to spy on underwear of females, but only those he cares about.
.) The kitsune is rarely serious, not to mention angry, but if he is, he stays like that for a long time until he calms down/gets calmed down
.) To demotivate his opponent, he doesn't pull his sword. He defeats them with dodges and strong punches. Some say they are even rough enough to launch you off. A footkick of him can be lethal.
.) He never uses guns.
.) Cell only uses his sword against evil foes (NOT humans or liveforms in ANY kind)
.) He's actual a real cuddler
.) He can often be embarrased to the point he's silent if you say the right (perverted or not) words.
.) He has a weakness for Seedrians
.) A kiss from his beloved one can give him strength again
.) Sometimes runs around without pants, or simply "naked"
.) Easily to anger if his beloved ones are in danger
.) His super form is very destructive

If I forgot anything, please ask me and I let you know~!

Cell by :iconcellace:
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RexJamesLoner Sep 8, 2013  Student General Artist

(and nudity)
Pikalover21 Aug 18, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Huzzah!  A reference!

I never knew he had a tattoo.  Is that something that's always been around, or a newer addition.  I do have one question, though; next time, you might want to include a shot of the back of the head.  It might never be used, but it would just be a good formality. :3

Alas! A Reference!
It's about time XD I'm sure there was quite a bit of us who kept getting confused :lmao: 
I actually lost it and laughed when I saw "good looking" :rofl: Not to say it's bad or anything, though- but that's quite the thing to write on a character reference! XD Only true though, right? F3 Not even I can deny something like that
I actually can't think of too much to say since I am hungry and lack words- but if anything else to say: this ref is more than useful and a great help, so I'll be sure to look back on it when I need it =D A lot of people often do forget what a reference is and just slap a pic or two of their character and a color guide on it- but they forget and lack covering the details that people may need clearer understanding of, so this reference really puts a smile on my face. :aww: I can tell a lot was really taken into consideration when drawing it! :w00t:
CellAce Aug 13, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Haha, yeah, I didn't wanted to draw a ref for a long time since I always got disappointed at whatever I drew XD But now I made it and I am proud :D

Hey, he is damn handsome, no one can disagree on that XD Ask Belle (or you) XD
I gotta say I am proud of it, and I am happy of your comment, thank you so much for it! :D
I actually didn't want to work on refs for a while, myself- but that's because I had (and still have) a butt-ton of characters and that's a lot to cover :lmao: Only up to character #5 on my list and have been more than iffy to start the next. I have only 274 to go ;A;
There is no parallel to the amazing of Cell XD In any such way!
I certainly see for myself how you are proud of it, Ben! =D You're most Welcome~ :la:
DoubleDee20 Aug 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
A offical reference! Great job Benni! ^^ I never actually seen a full reference of Cell so i always wondered if i had his clothes or body right! Lol, naked. :lmao: But most male sonic characters are... O_O
But aside from that, I think it's wonderful! ^.^
CellAce Aug 13, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Yeah, I drew him naked so people can imagine his body-shape and can add the clothes more detailed :)
Glad you like it, thanks! :D
DoubleDee20 Aug 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

*creeps up and steals cell* my doll now! XD

I should do more reference too. :3

RoninHunt0987 Aug 12, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
:D awesome
CellAce Aug 13, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Thanks! :)
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