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September 10, 2012
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Memories by CellAce Memories by CellAce
I had this idea quite some time in my head, found it quite cute to draw AND to write a little story to it

I always remember the time as I was way younger. I would go to Cell and see him playing video games. He never said why he had them, but I always enjoyed sitting on his lap and watching him play.

Even now it makes me giggle at how focused he was, but I was impressed at how well he plays.

I also remember he often kissed my head. Maybe I was his good luck charm...

Now I know I was more then just a sister to him. He will never leave my side. To him, I will forever be his little sister

~ Hezu

I love you, my little imoto (in a brother-sister way, of course)

Hezu :iconhezuneutral:
Cell :iconkitsune-cell8476:
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Pikalover21 Sep 16, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
AWWWWWW! Brother-sister video game playing!
Cell, you should be pying something age appropriate. XD
CellAce Sep 16, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Never! XD
As I drew this, I actually had something more tougher in mind, as videogame XD
THIS IS JUST TOO ADORABL23WRIQ0 [9U5VPR Q3G45URVH 9345,RV[0 JTV[34P *Dies of cuteness*
:iconspartaplz: AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH <<<333

I can't even think of words, my vocabulary sucks anyway, I CAN ONLY USE SOUNDS TO EXPRESS MY FEELINGS ABOUT WHAT YOU DREW.

*spazzes out*
CellAce Sep 11, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
I am glad you like it that much imoto :3
I really put quite some love in those drawings, but I put even more on those which include you x3 Since I really see you as my little sister who loves me for the way I am <3

And don't worry, I can understand what you mean with your sounds *hugs*
I'm so sorry I haven't gotten around to reaing your story D,:
I'm behind in one of my classes at school and Its just been so busy lately...
sickness is going around too... DX
I hope I can get to reading it on the weekend... ;A;
CellAce Sep 12, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
It's okay Hezu, after all cschool is very important, so I can understand that you have to focus more on it then on anything else :3 So don't worry about it so much now :aww:
And don't get sick because of stress. Don't stress yourself and you'll see that you will feel a lot better :D
Take your time, it won't run away :aww: You have all time of the world
I have so much homework when I come home, sometimes I have to go straight to bed once I finish it. D:
I'm REALLY slow at everything I do.
I'm always the last one in class to finish my tests, and it takes me 2 to 3 hours to finish my homework....
I ALWAYS eat slowly, it takes me forever to finish what i'm eating.

;3; it sucks... and even though I study and I take my time with my tests, I usually get wrong answers. Everyone else WIZZES by me and I'm always the last one in PE for running... (I don't mind that since I've NEVER been good at running and as long as I don't hurt like heck the next day, I'm fine with it)
but its upsetting...
I get average grades, its not like I'm the only one bad at taking tests, but still...
English was my best subject, and I was still the last one to finish in that class.
and I have trouble communicating so I can never get the right words out. -3-
its not like emailing someone where you can think of what to say..
My brain can't remember vocabulary words and meanings and I don't know how to say things correctly.
my mind is a jumbled mess!
I think of a problem to solve, and it suddenly goes white and fuzzy and then I get WAYYY too confused and I can't even make out the problem anymore.
have you ever had trouble with school?
CellAce Sep 21, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
... XD You remind me sooo much of myself as I was in your age: I was the last one finishing homework, last one with the tests and last one to finish work during school (I was just fast and talented with words, still didn't talked a lot XD)
As I was in school, I had non stop troubles! Always and even after school, I kept having problems everywhere. But in those situations, it's important to have a few best friends you can always talk to, even if you just leave a message which is short or where you say that you had a bad day.
As I was younger, I always had a girlfriend, but she was more a pain then a help, after that I met Nancy. She was my guardian angel at that time and always supported me as I was down. This is why it makes me wonder even more why she left me...

Anyway, I am not the subject. The point is: We all have a weight to carry Heather, and it's always extremly heavy and it will never be easy. But life gifts you for taking the fight called life: It gives you best friends. True, life tests everyone of us and the universe has an own destiny for us, we might not know in the beginning. But never give up, you have way too much to give up like I once did, and I lost everything
You have problems finding a solution? And finding the right words? Then train it. We all train to become who we want to be, and it will fill me with so much proud to see what beautiful and great woman you will become in the future, when I am living close to you :3 (One day I move to america, when I am done here, to be closer to those I love so much)

You can fight Hezu! You are not alone and never will be, since I will always stay by your side :3 And you are eating slowly? That's actually something good: I eat fast and I keep having stomach pains XD So sometimes we think something is bad, but it's actually a good thing. (But you should see me and my family at family dinner: We are monsters and keep eating, while talking about disgusting things XD)

You know, you might be the last to finish, but you put love in every word you write. I always write slowly, but with passion. It's something I love to do, writting and drawing. And you don't need to be the best in everything, since you are already the best for me :aww:

(Actually, I am crying because I write this and I am just sensitive ;~; But you can do this, I will always support you)
thank you benii... I appreciate it..
sorry to make you cry writing that /owO''
I didn't mean to make you cry!

I do my best in all my subjects, but sometimes my best doesn't seem like its enough..
well, I'll do whatever I can!
I sometimes space out in class, and my dreams can be so real I can't tell it from the real world then I end up missing a lesson -w-;;
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